Monday, May 10, 2010

Cleaning House

Sometimes I wish I had a house keeper.  It would be so nice to go about my daily business while someone else cleans up the messes left behind.  Like the spots left on the floor in the kitchen from someone dripping some type of liquid on it.  Or the soap scum left in the bathtub after multiple showers and a drain still clogged.  Or the dust piling up in the corners of the hardwood floor (sometimes carpets are much nicer at hiding these things).  Or the wash piling up downstairs...well really it's clean, it just needs to be put away.  The list goes on.  What I find though is that when I clean it myself, I get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that I did it. 

Same goes with the internal house cleanings.  I really wish sometimes that I could have someone to go through my brain, scrub out all the left over pains, resentments, and confessions still needing to "maid" and I'll come back when it's all finished.  They could also do all my amends for me while they were at it.  I suppose it wouldn't be the same though.  I would just continue to make the same messes over and over while the brain "maid" would keep getting paid for my sloppiness.  What a waste of time and money that would be.  What lessons are learned in that?  Am I really that busy that I can't do a little housekeeping whether it's internal or external?  No...but it sure would be nice sometimes.

Lord, please help me to continue cleaning.  I know that each time I do, the cobwebs are cleared and I can see you more clearly.  My heart fills with joy with the undeniable truth of your presence in my life.  Take away my fears and obsessions that keep me from you.  The more I wait, the more piles up, and the more frustrated and overwhelmed I become, which keeps me mobilized.  Then nothing gets done, and Satan takes over.  Even if I have to do one room at a time...whether it be the kitchen cleaning, or my "brain" me to remember, that you love me no matter what dirt I uncover.  Thank you Lord!  In Jesus name, Amen!