Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sugar Daddy

I think the hardest thing to do is wait.  Boy do I just want to jump everytime I have a brilliant idea.  When I do that, I end up messing up a lot of things.  Even though it seems like it may be working out, after awhile, it becomes apparent that I've messed up.  Then it takes additional effort to go back and fix it all.  Thank God I've learned this lesson over and over again.  Repetitiveness seems to make an impression on my brain.

When I wait, God reveals the undisputable answer.  I can tell in my soul when it's the right thing.  There is no anxiety, no worry, no fear, no debate.  Then the only effort I have to put in is to move my feet towards Him.  It's not a marathon to get to my destination when I wait, it's just a few short steps.

Unencrypted, God showed up in my life over the last week and made it pretty clear that I should move on from a consulting gig I had.  I have been debating it for a awhile, and I didn't want to make any moves without Him.  I've been praying for Him to show me what I need to do, and He answered me.  All I needed to do was show up, wait, and watch.  It's never easy to make decisions when it affects me financially, so I'm grateful I have my sugar daddy to take care of me.  His name is Jesus!  The good news, is that he is available to all who come to Him, and he's one man I won't be jealous over and am willing to share with EVERYONE!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Healing Broken Hearts

Where do you find your comfort when your heart is breaking?  Who do you go to when you are afraid, lonely, hurting and wanting to just curl up in a ball, cry your eyes out and dissolve into the sofa?

My friends, I am hurting today.  My comfort lies in knowing that God is working a wonderful plan for me, my family, my friends, and yes even my enemies.  Does that mean it hurts less?  Just a little.  I need to pour it out though in order for it to hurt even less.  I need to turn it over...give it to God, and release the pain.  How do I do that?  Watch, read, and listen to your own heart.  Hear it goes.

Dear Lord Jesus....I am in so much pain longing for my brother and the agony of being separated from him.  My eyes are full of tears, and my heart feels as if it may explode with grief.  How can I feel gratitude and this pain at the same time?  Gratitude for the relationship I have with him today, and the pain and torture I feel for all the years that have been lost.  The pain and anger I feel for the distance between him and our family.  That we cannot just pick up and go see him on the weekend, or anytime we feel like it.  That our hugs consist of "I love you's" over the phone.  The sense of urgency I feel when the woman says "you have 1 minute".  How my heart falls to my stomach and it feels like he's being ripped from us again.  Lord Jesus...I do have faith that you have a plan for him and for my family.  That you will use him and us for Your glory.  That the rewards for our suffering will be beyond anything we could possibly imagine.  That by feeling this pain and releasing it to you, that it will disappear.  Lord Jesus, God all powerful and merciful, surround my family with comfort that You will provide Your perfect peace to us.  Take away our fears and our pain that we may bask in Your sunlight and Your Glory!  Thank you Lord All Mighty.  Thank you for EVERYTHING.  Amen.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Philadelphia Trip

So, we actually did the trip!  We went to Gunther Von Hagens' Body World Exibit at the Franklin Institute.  I must confess, that when we first arrived, I told Chelsea and her friend Shauni that I may end up throwing up in my mouth, but it didn't happen.  Once I got past the idea that these were just bodies and that there was no soul there anymore (and in MY mind they were really plastic figures) I kind of enjoyed it.

It was actually rather interesting to see the human body and how it works.  Shauni is going to school to be a nurse, so she was my go to gal when I had any kind of question on what I was looking at.  She answered my questions with few breakouts of laughter and sincere respect.

As I was walking through the exhibit and looking at all the different muscles, bones, cartiledge, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, nerves and the like that make up the human body, I was completely overwhelmed with the marvelous creation God built.  Yes, I thought this same thing before, but to see it laid out in the manner that it was, you couldn't help but be in awe.   

One of the other things that was striking to me, was that my little girl is all grown up now.  She handled herself with dignity and grace inside the museum.  Even the child inside of me was giggling when we came across a few things, but the two young women who were with me held themselves poised, smiled and moved on.  Wow.

So that is about all I'm going to say of the museum, except that if you get a chance to visit it in the next couple of weeks, it will be a pleseant surprise.  I don't want to give away all of the secrets, but it was rather fascinating.